Sustainability as a Value Creator and Growth Generator



Video of October 13, 2016 Executive Forum on Sustainability as a Value Creator and Growth Generator available here

What if we looked at sustainability as not only “minimizing impact," but as a means to optimizing results? What is we stopped treating sustainability as a reactive risk management strategy, and instead made it the foundation of proactive strategies that enable business growth? The NAM's programming on Proactive Sustainability and Resource Efficiency will highlight how sustainability can be a driver for next-generation products, more efficient operations, increased profitability – and capturing the hearts and minds of employees.

Sustainability Resources

  • Leading by Example: Technology Companies Help Save Scarce Water Resources
    It’s time to rethink the water cycle: to shift business practices away from treating water as an unlimited supply of a consumable good toward water as a recyclable asset. To do this, businesses must value water as a business asset and make smart water management decisions to mitigate water-related risks.
  • Why Manufacturers Need to Rethink How They Value Water
    In 2015, the World Economic Forum cited the global water crisis as the number-one business risk for impact. 70 percent of companies surveyed identify water as a substantive business risk
  • Benefits of Creating a Corporate Water Strategy – and Tips for Ensuring Success
    Water is increasingly a risk to communities – and a material risk to businesses. It’s a multi-faceted issue that is directly connected to other aspects of your business – from operating costs and product quality to your supply chain. Now, more than ever before, manufacturers need to have a comprehensive corporate water strategy to ensure the continuity and growth of their businesses.

Ecolab: A Business Model for Success

Water and energy are the lifeblood of manufacturing. More than ever, we must understand that water is not as readily available as it used to be and that it’s changing in terms of quality. For businesses and manufacturers today, it’s incumbent on them to understand how they can do more with less. In some aspects, the really progressive companies have an adage that gets into ‘doing more without having to sacrifice less,’ with the help of recycling and limiting waste. 

Christophe Beck of Ecolab on how sustainability drives innovation at his company

Emilio Tenuta of Ecolab on value of water in operations


Bill Gill discusses how does sustainability drives innovation in Smithfield Foods

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image Christophe Beck
Executive Vice President and President, Nalco Water for Ecolab Inc.
image Rob Bernard
Chief Environmental & Cities Strategist, Microsoft
image Heidi Biggs Brock
President & CEO, The Aluminum Association
image Tom Easterday
Executive Vice President, Secretary and Chief Legal Officer, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.
image Bill Gill
Assistant Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Smithfield Foods
image Dr. Gregory Ludkovsky
Vice President, Head of Research and Development, ArcelorMittal
image Jamie K. Mackay, PE
Director, Global Environmental Compliance & Sustainability, Alcoa, Inc.
image Kirsten Lund-Jurgensen
Vice President, Innovative Product Portfolio Management, Pfizer Global Supply
image Emilio Tenuta
Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab
image Charlene Wall-Warren
Sustainability Director, BASF