Supply Chain Innovation


Video of the May 23, 2017 Executive Forum on Supply Chain Innovation is available here.

On May 23, the NAM hosted our latest Leading Edge thought leadership event in Houston, Texas, focused on supply chain innovation. More than 100 manufacturing leaders joined us virtually and in person. ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance discussed his partnership with suppliers through the volatile recent environment for his industry. Grant Thornton held a panel discussion on the NAM member survey on supply chain strengths and weaknesses. And Esri offered presentations on emerging best practices for deploying data to improve supply chain performance. 

imageFeatured Article: Creating a Framework for Innovation in Your Supply Chain

Maximizing your supply chain is a matter of improving quality, increasing efficiency, cutting costs, speeding delivery and enhancing customer service. Our new article, Creating a framework for innovation in your supply chain looks at how manufacturers are positioning their operations to meet these challenges and grow their businesses.

Based on a survey of 120 U.S. companies, we examine manufacturers’ views on the future, the effectiveness of their supply chains and how some forward-thinking organizations are innovating the flow of goods from supplier to market.


Supply Chain Resources

Making the case for supply chain optimization: Focus on critical success factors

Automating and optimizing your supply chain can help save money and facilitate growth. So what’s holding back companies from implementing a supply chain optimization (SCO) strategy?

3M Sees Opportunity in Supply Chain Risk

Paul Keel, senior vice president of supply chain at 3M Company, talks about the importance of innovation in the supply chain and the competitive advantages that come from turning risks into opportunities.

Innovation: The Ace up U.S. Manufacturers' Sleeves

Hundreds of executives at manufacturing companies across the country were asked about the role innovation has in their future and how they plan to transform their business strategy. This infographic presents top survey findings, and leads the way for an in-depth series about the industry's prized purple chip and competitive advantage.

Riding the Dragon's Back: Risks and Challenges in Today's Supply Chain

This infographic highlights the realities of managing complex supply chains and what could make them easier to control.

The Growing Pains of Complex Supply Chains — and How to Temper Them

Sometimes you can have a headache for so long that, after a while, you simply don't notice it.

A Map for the Minefield: How U.S. Manufacturers are Rethinking Risk for a Connected World

Littelfuse, a leading U.S. electronics company, is rebooting its approach to risk for a more connected world.

Industry Leaders

Cost Reduction - Gary Peterson, O.C. Tanner Company

Workforce Development - Kelli Gregory, Dixie Chemical


  • The Digital Supply Network: A New Era of Supply Chain Visibility & Resiliency

    Recorded On: 11/30/2017

    Complex supply chain networks are not the only challenge facing manufacturing’s supply chain leaders. They also face complex choices about how to utilize technology and data analytics to drive innovation and enable new market growth. In this webinar, Cindy Elliott and Prof. Swink take A look at how global complexity and market dynamics are putting unprecedented pressures on supply chain operations, and how location intelligence helps manufacturers to visualize and analyze supply chain strengths and weaknesses to improve business continuity and advance new supply chain capabilities.

  • Data analytics as a framework for supply chain innovation

    Recorded On: 03/22/2017

    Your supply chain is critical to sound corporate financial performance. Optimize it with integrated planning and your business wins. This webcast will share how to use data analytics and business intelligence to understand causality and maximize benefits, based on feedback from manufacturing executives.


image Cindy Elliott
Global Market Strategy, Manufacturing, Esri and Senior Industrial Fellow, Aston Business School
image Jeff French
National Manufacturing Practice Leader, Grant Thornton
image Ward Melhuish
Advisory Principal and National Advisory Lead Consumer and Industrial Products Industry Practice, Grant Thornton