Archive: Smart Manufacturing in the Internet of Things Era

Recorded On: 03/29/2016


The National Association of Manufacturer's (NAM) second executive forum on IIoT will go beyond how connected products are transforming competition and companies, to showcase smart manufacturing best practices, live-demo implemented solutions as they work on the factory floor today, and discuss the impacts of IIoT across the complete product lifecycle - from design through product service. Join us for an exclusive discussion with top manufacturing leaders on Smart Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), streaming live from Detroit, MI on March 29, 2016.

Hosted by GE's Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center, the keynote remarks of this half-day symposium will feature business strategist and Harvard Business School professor, Michael Porter, PTC President and CEO, Jim Heppelmann along with experts from GE, ServiceMax, and other leading manufacturing innovators in the IIoT space.


Welcome Remarks (11:00 a.m.)

  • Jay Timmons, President and CEO, NAM

How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition and Companies (11:10 a.m. - 12:35 p.m.)

An overview of how smart, connected products and equipment, and the data they generate, are transforming companies processes and organizational structure. This will focus on the keys for success in smart manufacturing in the IIoT era.

  • Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School
  • Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC

GE Presentation: : The Role of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) in Manufacturing (1:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.)

A look at implementing IIoT strategy, the drive to transform organizations to compete in this new era, and the research and innovation occurring today to lead industry as a whole forward.

  • Brian Ballard, CEO and Co-Founder, APX Labs
  • Dave Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer, Current, powered by GE
  • Matt Rendall, CEO, Clearpath Robotics I nc.
  • Moderator: Paul Boris, Head of Manufacturing Industries, GE Digital

Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A (2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.)

Discussion of the manufacturing, product service, and field challenges presented by smarter and more complex manufacturing processes and products alike.

  • Jim Heppelmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTC
  • Glenn P. Baker, Global Director, Enterprise Strategic Manufacturing, Deere and Company
  • David Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax
  • Michael Porter, Harvard Business School
  • Dave Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer, Current, powered by GE
  • Moderator: Chad Moutray




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Glenn P. Baker

Global Director, Enterprise Strategic Manufacturing, Deere and Company

Glenn has worked for John Deere for more than 38 years, including experiences in their Parts Division, Agricultural Equipment Division, Construction and Forestry Division, Power Systems Division and World Headquarters. He is currently the Global Director – Enterprise Strategic Manufacturing supporting manufacturing engineering, manufacturing operations, facilities engineering, global real estate and business process management for all John Deere's operating divisions globally.

Glenn began his career as an Industrial Engineer, but has held numerous positions in manufacturing engineering, manufacturing operations, new product development, and quality management. His most recent leadership assignments include Director - Supply Management C&F, Manufacturing Manager – Waterloo Tractor Works, General Manager - Engine Works and Director - Engineering, Technology and Quality Services at Deere and Company.

He is a 1977 graduate of Yale University and holds an MBA from the University of Dubuque. He is a member of the Executive Board of the Iowa Innovation Council, co-chair for the Iowa Innovation Council Advanced Manufacturing Workgroup, a member of the Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Partnership sponsored by the Council on Competitiveness and the Department of Energy and on the Leadership Council for the Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight (MForesight) sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

He has previously served on the Illinois team of the National Governors Association Policy Academy for promoting Advanced Manufacturing, on the Executive Advisory Board for the United States Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative, and as Director on the Cedar Valley United Way Board.

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land — those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity. For more information, visit John Deere at its worldwide website at

Brian Ballard

CEO & Co-Founder, APX Labs

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of APX Labs where he is working on the next industrial revolution, using smart glasses to create powerful ways for the workforce to interact with the digital and physical world. Brian has been on the forefront of developing software solutions that enable revolutionary new scenarios for smart glasses in the enterprise. From manufacturing and field service, to logistics and transportation, Brian envisions that APX Labs's Sky- light platform will empower deskless workers across all industries.

Prior to founding APX Labs, Brian served as Vice President of Product Development at BTS, CTO of ARES-SG, and spent over a decade with the NSA where his work ranged from FPGA-based super- computing to software intelligence fusion for counter terrorism.

Brian has served a three year appointment on the National Academy of Sciences' Technology, In- sight - Gauge, Evaluate, Review (TIGER) Committee. He has contributed to book, multiple publica- tions, and patents related to wearable computing. Brian holds a masters and bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from University of Maryland.

Dave Bartlett

Chief Technology Officer, Current, powered by GE

Dave serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Current, powered by GE, and is located in San Ramon, California.

Current, powered by GE, is a new company that integrates GE's industry-leading solutions in LED, Solar, Energy storage, and Electric Vehicle into a one-stop shop for Commercial & Industrial, Municipal and Utility customers to manage their energy ecosystems.

Dave was the Chief Technology Officer for GE Aviation. Prior to joining GE, Dave was IBM's Vice President of Smarter Physical Infrastructure and a key spokesperson for IBM's "Smarter Planet." Dave earned his MBA at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, in addition to completing graduate programs in Computer Science and Project Management. Dave is also a biologist with a degree from the State University of New York.

Paul Boris

CIO, Advanced Manufacturing Strategy

Across GE, there is an exciting convergence taking place between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Historically, these systems have been developed for separate purposes. IT has always been focused on computing technology, managing our networking infrastructure, storage systems, applications, and ERPs, where as OT has concentrated on machinery, equipment and assets, monitoring systems and control systems.

But today in our new world of connected, brilliant machines and brilliant factories, everything is changing. We are seeing the intersection of hardware, software and data in a way that we never have before. This exciting evolution is disrupting how GE and industries operate by optimizing factories and the supply chain to drive speed, cost savings and improved outcomes for our company and our customers.

As CIO of Advanced Manufacturing for GE, Paul's focus is to accelerate this convergence by driving IT's brilliant factory strategy - using big data, software, sensors, controllers and robotics to increase productivity and deliver asset and operations optimization. In addition, he serves as site leader of GE's Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center in Michigan, a critical hub for IT and brilliant factory initiatives, and serves on GE's Supply Chain Council.

Prior to joining GE, Paul was the Global Vice President of Enterprise Operations Management at SAP. He has a proven, 30-year reputation for driving operational excellence initiatives and managing manufacturing sites, having started his career at General Motors in the assembly division. He served as CIO for a successful technology start-up and has worked in the MES/MOM/EOM space driving strategy and delivering solutions. He also served on the Board of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Paul and his wife split their time between Philadelphia and a suburb of Detroit, near the AMSTC. He and his wife have two daughters.

James E. Heppelmann

President and Chief Executive Officer, PTC

James (Jim) Heppelmann is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of PTC, responsible for driving the company's global business strategy and operations. During Mr. Heppelmann's leadership tenure, PTC has assembled the industry's most comprehensive technology capabilities to enable companies to create, connect, analyze, operate, and service the products and systems that comprise the Internet of Things. He also serves on PTC's Board of Directors.

Mr. Heppelmann has emerged as a driver and thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Together with Harvard Professor Michael E. Porter, he has co-authored two highly influential articles regarding the transformational impact of the Internet of Things on business, including the November 2014 Harvard Business Review cover story “How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition," and the companion “How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Companies" published in the October 2015 Harvard Business Review. In 2015 Mr. Heppelmann was named “IOT CEO of the Year" by PostScapes, “Technology CEO of the Year" by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, and received the “CAD Society Leadership Award" for his work with the Internet of Things.

A dynamic speaker, Mr. Heppelmann has been featured as a keynote presenter at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) events on topics such as “How Smart, Connected Products Are Redefining Manufacturing" and was a featured speaker on “the role of digitization in America's advanced industries" at the Brookings Institution. He has been published and quoted in numerous global business and trade media, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Mr. Heppelmann is a member of the board of directors at SENSATA, a world leader in automotive and industrial sensors and controls. He serves as a member of the Dean's advisory board at the University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering, and is an executive advisory board member of the national FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Mr. Heppelmann was recently recognized as one of the “Top 100 CEO Leaders in STEM" by the STEM connector organization.

Chad Moutray

Chief Economist, NAM

Chad Moutray is chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), where he serves as the NAM's economic forecaster and spokesperson on economic issues. He frequently comments on current economic conditions for manufacturers through professional presentations and media interviews. He has appeared on Bloomberg, CNBC, C-SPAN, Fox Business and Fox News, among other news outlets.

Prior to joining the NAM, Mr. Moutray was the chief economist and director of economic research for the Office of Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) from 2002 to 2010. In that role, he was responsible for researching the importance of entrepreneurship to the U.S. economy and highlighting various issues of importance to small business owners, policymakers and academics. In addition to discussing economic and policy trends, his personal research focused on the importance of educational attainment to both self-employment and economic growth.

Prior to working at the SBA, Mr. Moutray was the dean of the School of Business Administration at Robert Morris College in Chicago, Ill. (now Robert Morris University of Illinois). Under his leadership, the business school had rapid growth, both adding new programs and new campuses. He began the development of an M.B.A. program that began accepting students after his departure and created a business institute for students to work with local businesses on classroom projects and internships.

Mr. Moutray is a former board member of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). He is also the former president and chairman of the National Economists Club, the local NABE chapter for Washington, D.C. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and bachelor's and master's degrees in economics from Eastern Illinois University. He is a Certified Business Economist™, where he was part of the initial graduating class in 2015.

In 2014, he received the Outstanding Graduate Alumni Award from Eastern Illinois University, and in 2015, he accepted the Alumnus Achievement Award from Lake Land College in Mattoon, Ill., where he earned his associate's degree in business administration.

Michael E. Porter

Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School

Michael Porter is an economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher. Throughout his career at Harvard Business School, he has brought economic theory and strategy concepts to bear on many of the most challenging problems facing corporations, economies and societies, including market competition and company strategy, economic development, the environment, and health care. His extensive research is widely recognized in governments, corporations, NGOs, and academic circles around the globe. His research has received numerous awards, and he is the most cited scholar today in economics and business. While Dr. Porter is, at the core, a scholar, his work has also achieved remarkable acceptance by practitioners across multiple fields.

Dr. Porter's initial training was in aerospace engineering at Princeton University. He then earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard's Department of Economics. His research approach—applying economic theory to complex systemic problems—reflects these multidisciplinary foundations. In 2000, Harvard Business School and Harvard University jointly established the Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness to provide a home for his research.

Michael Porter has taught generations of students at Harvard Business School and across the entire University, as well as business, government, and health care leaders from around the world. He serves as an advisor to business, government, and the social sector. He has been strategy advisor to leading U.S. and international companies, served on Fortune 500 public boards, and played an active role in U.S. economic policy at the federal and state levels. He has worked with heads of state from around the world on economic development strategy.

Professor Porter is the recipient of twenty-two honorary doctorates and several national and state honors. He received the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce for his contribution to economic development, and has been elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and other honorary societies. In 2000, he was named a University Professor by Harvard University, the highest recognition that can be awarded to a Harvard faculty member.

Matt Rendall

CEO, Clearpath Robotics I nc.

Fueled by a potent combination of ambition and determination Matt can typically be found trying to take over the world one robot at a time. No obstacle is too large, no detail too small. Give the man a green tea and watch him go!

Developing the vision and strategic direction of this high-growth robotics company, Matt believes that robots will change the way the world works and is passionate about helping companies find rapid-ROI through the adoption of service robots. In pursuit of this objective, he is leading a transformation at Clearpath with aspirations to become the world's first $1B service robotics company. Matt has been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2013 and Prot Magazine in 2011.

Jay Timmons

President and CEO, NAM

Jay Timmons is president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector. He became NAM president in January 2011.

Jay is a leading advocate for the nearly 12 million men and women who make things in America, educating the public and policymakers on issues that affect this critical sector of the U.S. economy. He promotes a broad-based agenda to strengthen U.S. competitiveness and bring about a manufacturing renaissance.

He is driven by the principles instilled in him by his roots in the manufacturing town of Chillicothe, Ohio, where his grandfather worked at a Mead plant for nearly four decades and where he witnessed manufacturing's ability to raise the quality of life for families and communities. Jay's knowledge and expertise is valued and respected by influential policymakers on both sides of the aisle in Congress and the Administration. He knows how to navigate the complexities of the policymaking process in the nation's capital and brings with him an exceptional understanding of manufacturing issues.

Prior to his appointment as NAM president, Jay was executive vice president beginning in 2008. In 2005, he joined the NAM as senior vice president of policy and government relations. His previous experience includes serving as chief of staff to Congressman, Governor and Senator George Allen (R-VA) from 1991 to 2002, and a term as executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the 2004 election cycle. When he first came to Washington in the 1980s, he served as press secretary to Congressman Jim Martin (R-NC) and later Alex McMillan (R-NC).

A passionate advocate for the adoption of companion animals, Jay is the chairman of the Washington Humane Society Board of Directors. He also serves on the board of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. He attended The Ohio State University and resides with his family in McLean, Virginia. - See more at:

David Yarnold

Chief Executive Officer, ServiceMax

David Yarnold is the chief executive officer of ServiceMax. A veteran in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Field Service industries, Yarnold has contributed to the success of some of the fastest growing companies in the enterprise software business over the past two decades.

Prior to joining ServiceMax, Yarnold was the vice president of global sales for SuccessFactors, a provider of on-demand talent management software. During his tenure, sales grew from $5 million in 2003 to well over $100 million in 2007, when SuccessFactors joined the public markets and became one of the first public SaaS companies.

Yarnold also held executive sales positions at Extensity, an employee relationship management software company, and Clarify, a pioneer in customer relationship management software (Acquired by Nortel Networks in 1999). At Clarify, Yarnold gained expertise in the field services industry and grew the company's revenues from $18 million to over $250 million in just four years.

Yarnold holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from San Francisco State University.

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