Paul Boris, CIO, Advanced Manufacturing Strategy

PaulBoris.jpgAcross GE, there is an exciting convergence taking place between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Historically, these systems have been developed for separate purposes. IT has always been focused on computing technology, managing our networking infrastructure, storage systems, applications, and ERPs, where as OT has concentrated on machinery, equipment and assets, monitoring systems and control systems.

But today in our new world of connected, brilliant machines and brilliant factories, everything is changing. We are seeing the intersection of hardware, software and data in a way that we never have before. This exciting evolution is disrupting how GE and industries operate by optimizing factories and the supply chain to drive speed, cost savings and improved outcomes for our company and our customers.

As CIO of Advanced Manufacturing for GE, Paul's focus is to accelerate this convergence by driving IT's brilliant factory strategy - using big data, software, sensors, controllers and robotics to increase productivity and deliver asset and operations optimization. In addition, he serves as site leader of GE's Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center in Michigan, a critical hub for IT and brilliant factory initiatives, and serves on GE's Supply Chain Council.

Prior to joining GE, Paul was the Global Vice President of Enterprise Operations Management at SAP. He has a proven, 30-year reputation for driving operational excellence initiatives and managing manufacturing sites, having started his career at General Motors in the assembly division. He served as CIO for a successful technology start-up and has worked in the MES/MOM/EOM space driving strategy and delivering solutions. He also served on the Board of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Paul and his wife split their time between Philadelphia and a suburb of Detroit, near the AMSTC. He and his wife have two daughters.