A Connected World for Manufacturing


Don't Wait – David Yarnold, ServiceMax

Time is moving quickly. The software industry has been completely transformed. The evolution is happening.

Digital Twins – Jim Heppelmann, PTC

You can put a physical product into the world and keep an accurate digital representation of how it is working. This changes everything.

Razors and Blades – David Yarnold, ServiceMax

Service and product was applied by GE decades ago. This goes hand in hand with helping customers manage their businesses.

Planting the Seed -– Glenn Baker, Deere and Company

Increase the functionality of the machines to provide superior value to the customer. The IIOT transforms the entire business model.

An Explosion of Data – Brian Ballard, APX Labs

Human beings are still an integral part of the production environment. They can bring an outstanding new value to the production equation due to the proliferation of actionable data.

The Rock Stars of IOT – Jim Heppelmann, PTC

Things are products. Connect the product to the internet.

The Connected Yard – Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Don't be satisfied with “this doesn't matter to me". It's not the stuff that matters. It's what the stuff allows customers to do.

Value is Key – Jim Heppelmann, PTC

I share information if I get something in return. It's vital to understand the proposition.

Rise of Machines – Dave Bartlett, Current, powered by GE

We (GE) went to bed as an industrial company. We woke up as a software and analytics company. It's a whole new business with the amazing capabilities and interconnectedness of our machines.